Investors do your research



Investors do your research!



Inspired by these posts:


(Google Norman Meier FBC and you might find more)


I felt compelled look deeper into the recent past of Mr. Norman Victor Meier (who just recently changed his name to Victor Burrell-Meier more about that later) because his name is mentioned in the same sentence with Chad Smanjak a wanted criminal by Interpol and the FBI.


An interesting fact about this is that before the world (internet) knew about Mr. Meier’s business relations to Mr. Smanjak through the mentioned posts on Investorshub, Mr. Meier himself tries to defend himself against “online allegations” and mentions Mr. Smanjak’s name in order to distance himself from Mr. Smanjak.




Mr. Meier is married to Ursula Burrell and has chosen to call himself Victor Burrell-Meier now.

Wedding announcement here:



Please visit the website of his latest venture:


If you investigate more you’ll find his old name (Norman Meier) under the “German / Deutch” tab:


Please also note that the stated business address in Las Vegas is the same address Mr. Norman Victor Meier’s other company called Nevada Business Experts is using as well.


This is certainly enough evidence to make the assumption that Norman Victor Meier is the same person as Victor Burrell-Meier.


Mr. Meier used his old name to get an entry in the “White Pages” see here:





In the recent past alone he was involved in the following companies:


– Athena Capital Partners  please read the detailed report after page 13)


– Refco Minerals Corp

– Aviara Mining Inc.


– Condor Gold (Mr. Meier’s buddy Clive Massey who worked for him at Tecton was in charge but Mr. Meier was involved in the background)


More information about Clive Massey here:


Please note that none of the above companies are in business anymore.




Please read the following entry on Ripoff Report posted by a former Geologist who was employed by one of Mr. Norman Meier’s many companies and find out what he had to say:



Mr. Norman Victor Meier’s (Victor Burrell-Meier) business partner Philippe Wagner is involved in the following companies:


The reason why I believe Mr. Meier and Mr. Wagner are working together is because Mr. Wagner is mentioned on the back of Mr. Norman Victor Meier’s new book and his name is also mentioned on the Westbridge website under the “German / Deutch” tab:


It is most likely that Mr. Philippe Wagner will sell stocks through his company Lion Consulting Group for Westbridge Oil and Gas, Tristar Energy and United Oil and Gas.



Investors please do your own research!



T. M.



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